Bible Inspiration and Translation


Other names for our Bible

Holy Bible
Holy Scripture
The Word of God


Each of these names remind us that the bible is a very precious book.
In the the bible we see what God wants us to know.

The bible itself says “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God”. 2 Timothy Chapter 3 verse 16


This tells us that although the 66 books that make up our bible were written by many different people over many years, is is all the true and only has the words that God inspired them to write.


The old Testament books, written before Christ came were written in Hebrew with the New Testament written in Greek.


These are the inspired words and God has ensured that even though the original documents were written many years ago they have been wonderfully preserved.


The translation to English that we use, the King James Version) is a very accurate translation from Hebrew and Greek.


The translation itself, although it was done very carefully and accurately, does mean that we can at times know there may be a better word to use in English.  e.g.  Acts 12 verse 4   has the word Easter.  We know that in the other 28 places this occurs it is translated “Passover”