The Law. Bible Story.  Exodus 24 v 3 to 8

In this passage we have the record of the people agreeing  the covenant that God made with the Children of Israel.


Moses was the mediator, and God gave him the Law and the promise of His protection and care for the people if the obeyed the words the Moses.  Moses wrote all the laws and instructions given by God in a book which was called the book of the covenant.


They then sacrificed burnt offerings and peace offerings unto the Lord.  Moses took the blood in a basin and sprinkled half on the alter.

Moses took the book and read it to the people.  The people said “all that the Lord hath said, we will do”

Moses then springled the other half of the blood on the people. The blood is called the blood of the covenant.



There are important lessons for us


  • The people promised to keep God’s law, but they were not able to
    The commandments show us how sinful we are but cannot take away out sin.
  • We should remember that God is holy and hates sin, and we must have our sin forgiven is we are to be save from the judgment for out sin.

We should also remember that what God hates, we should also hate.
We should not have idols.  We should not use God’s name or the name of Jesus as the world does in everyday language or texting abbreviations such as OMG.

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